"It’s 20 years since John Williams’ spellbinding version [of Koyunbaba] came out; Kaya’s assured rendering certainly deserves to be mentioned in the same breath." -Blair Jackson

Classical Guitar Magazine: Recent Album Releases

by Blair Jackson May 11, 2018


"We find everything in this disc that can satisfy both music lovers and guitarists in search of pieces rarely heard and very attractive for a future recital. This disc does much more than just document the most serious rival of Segovia when he began his career as a virtuoso." - Guy Suavé


by Guy Suavé July 2018


"This is a most enjoyable programme with some new treasures to delight. The playing is splendid in every sense by one of the outstanding young virtuosos of the guitar. " -Zane Turner

Jorge Morel Guitar Music played by Celil Refik Kaya

by Zane Turner

"Not only is Kaya a skilled player and transcriber, his own Sonatina in D...marked a deep understanding of composition as well." -Dr. Sam Desmet

Miami International GuitART FESTIVAL  

by Dr. Sam Desmet  April 10, 2017

Kaya is an exciting player with risky tempos but he keeps his cool and pulls it off nicely. Impressive reflexive virtuosity, light but shocking and caffeinated.
— Bradford Werner

"The clean precision of Kaya’s playing, against the rushing sea of the orchestra, was spectacular and beautiful. It was a privilege to have been there." -Sheila Abrams

Rave Review of Fresh Breezes Concert

Sheila Abrams  August 17, 2012